Tropical forest projects

Slide show, Germany: Teaching aids for school operations (
Amazonas, Brazil: Stop the illegal tree felling (
Pantanal, Bolivia: Enforcing protected areas (

Forest Pact, Paraguay: A broad pact for the protection of Atlantic tropical forests (

Beekeeping, Brazil: Creating new livelihoods for the population (

São Francisco, Brazil: Reforestation around the sources of the São Francisco River (

Soja Moratorium, Brazil: Moratorium for the purchase of soya from newly cleared jungle areas (

Tree planting, Burkina Faso: Afforestation and use by local people (

Self-help, Togo: Develop new markets with new products (

Forest people, Congo: Improving the situation of the local population, helping to fight against the logging industry (

Rampart, Madagascar: Natural barrier for the Betanpona Reserve (

Solar cooker, Madagascar: Solar cookers protect the forest and relieve financially (

Silkworm breeding, Laos: Creation of economic acquisition bases (

Tourism, Laos: Protection of the tropical forest through eco-tourism (

Peat swamp rainforest, Indonesia: Protection of the last peat swamp rainforests (

Forest reserve, Indonesia: Acquisition of timber concessions, establishment of conservation reserves (

Mapping, Malaysia: Mapping of tribal areas of the Penan (

Land rights, Malaysia: Documentation and legal support of land law cases in Sarawek (

Sawinggrai, Indonesia: Sawinggrai village as a model project for sustainable ecotourism (

Alternatives, Indonesia: Create alternative employment opportunities (

Afforestation of agricultural land in Sarawak, Malaysia (

Tanzania / Kilimanjaro: Reforestation Project