Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees of the "Foundation Art for the Tropical Forest" is composed of recognized experts from the fields of art, nature and environment as well as the financial world.

Foundation board members

Felix Rudolf von Rohr

President of the Foundation

President of the Grand Council 86/87

Chairman of the Carnival Committee 2003-2010

Member of the art commission of the Kunstmuseum Basel for 25 years.

Dr. Hans Furer

Lawyer specializing in foundations, 15 years managing director of the Association of Swiss Galleries, managing director of the Obersteg Foundation, treasurer for the Friends of the Basel Museum of arts, art collector.

Peter Rettig

System eco-designer
Nephew of Ernst Beyeler, for twenty years consulting and planning in the environmental sector.

Dr. Brigitte Holzgreve

Doctor of human genetics. Pregnancy counselling on the Internet, Member of the Commission of the Historical Museum Basel.

Roger Graf

Environment and nature conservation expert. Field research in South Asia, Australia, Borneo and Malaysia and specialist for Madagascar.

Ulla Dreyfus

Great nature lover, supports a wide range of nature issues, rescue service with avalanche dogs, art collector, trustee of the Guggenheim Museum New York.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Marcel Tanner

Former director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Basel, advisor to the WHO (infectious and tropical diseases), honorary doctorate from the University of Fribourg.

Katja Christ

National Councillor, Lawyer and President glp-BS.

Dr. Kathrin Amacker

Former National Councillor, Member of Basel University Council

 Irene Gludowacz M.A.

 Author, curator and project management for museums, collections and foundations.
Since 2016 Project management Charity Auction for the Foundation: Art for Tropical Forests.