The Foundation for the Tropical Forest was founded on 12th November 2002. Ernst Beyeler, successful gallery owner and art dealer, as well as founder of the world-famous "Fondation Beyeler" in Riehen / Basel, aims with the foundation the protection of the tropical forests with financial means, which originate from the art business.

Purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the "Foundation for the Tropical Forest" is:

  • The support of organizations, which are committed to the protection of the most important tropical forests, possibly other endangered forests.
  • The support of projects in the field of art, which are directly related to this purpose.

Dr. h.c. Ernst Beyeler, President

Dr. Hans Furer, CEO (2006)

Concept of protection

The concept of protection includes the protection of all intact ecosystems in the tropical forest. Specifically, this protection is achieved by securing the legal and ethical foundations such as:

  • Use of the area by the local population, so that also for other generations a use is possible (sustainability), which is conceivable for example with national parks or the purposeful support of living conditions.
  • Management of the forest and the surrounding areas.
  • Targeted support of the population in their living and working conditions.

Awareness of youth

The sensitization of the youth of the region Basel (Germany, France, Switzerland) takes place in connection with the projects or especially through activities, which are initiated by the foundation. She also does this public relations work by using existing networks.

«The forests support the sky. When they are felled, the firmament will fall on us.»

Proverb of South American Indians