Tropical forest projects

Mapping (Malaysia)

In collaboration with Bruno Manser – Fonds

Besuch von Vertretern des Bruno-Manser-Fonds und der Penans in der Galerie Beyeler am 16. Mai 2006.

The Penan is one of the last nomadic peoples that lives in the Malaysian state of Saravak. The Malaysian government issues licences to logging companies to clear the tropical forest there.
This deprives the Penan from their natural livelihood. Thanks to a court ruling by Saravak District Court, a licence  can only be granted if the rights of use have not been in the possession of others for many years. By precisely mapping their habitat, it should now be proven that this land has been used by the Penan for centuries. The areas are mapped using the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. The training of the Penan on the GPS devices as well as other cartography aids is provided by Art For Tropical Forests.