Tropical forest projects

Reforestation Project Tanzania / Kilimanjaro:

In collaboration with The Kilimanjaro Project

 The Kilimanjaro Project is not only a project, but also an organization. The Art for Tropical Forests Foundation supports the organization’s agenda.

The starting point for the project is an important but endangered ecosystem in the Miwaleni area (20,000 inhabitants / area of 200 square kilometers). From its protected source, the Miwaleni River meanders through the countryside for 23 kilometers before joining the Ruvu River.

For various reasons (agriculture, coal extraction, primate habitat loss) the ecosystem is being rapidly destroyed by deforestation, especially along the river, which leads to erosion and drought.

The Art for Tropical Forests Foundation is funding the planting of 15,000 trees and thus the systematic reforestation of the riverbanks in order to save the ecosystem. The planting is carried out in cooperation with the local population and above all with schools. The population-based approach also has the effect of raising awareness for the entire belt of highly valuable ecosystems stretching across northern Tanzania.

The NGO responsible for this project is led by people who live on site and promote the project in cooperation with the Miwaleni population.