Tropical forest projects

Paraguay (Atlantic Rainforest)

A pact to protect forest in collaboration with WWF

The Atlantic rainforest once stretched as a large band from Brazil via Paraguay to Argentina. Its disappearance means the end of countless animals and plant species.
For example:  90 % of all amphibian species and 50% of all plant species in the Atlantic forest do not occur anywhere else on earth. Paraguay still has one of the last great remains of the Atlantic forests. But even this last spot disappears dramatically.
In Paraguay 90 percent of the Atlantic forests has already been destroyed in some regions. The forest is being out down and burned to make way for soybean fields. This means that a unique biodiversity is lost – 90 percent of all amphibians and half of all plants in the Atlantic Forest are endemic, so they only occur here worldwide.
Deforestation has been legal for a long time, but it was only after WWF campaign that people rethought. The WWF promoted the preservations of this unique natural treasure with TV spots and advertisements, supported by scouts and other organizations.
With success: In December 2004 the Paraguayan parliament decided to ban all clearing for two years.
Deforestation decreased by 85 % over the next six months. In August 2005, landowners, agribusinesses and the government signed a forest protection pact with WWF. In it they undertake to preserve the forest area.