Tropical forest projects

Forest Reserve (Indonesia)

In collaboration with Bird Life Swiss

1,000 km2 of lowland rainforest on Sumatra are protected by a community formed by Bird Life International and Burung Indonesia. The still intact part of the forest area will be secured, the larger areas in which trees were felled but otherwise preserved, will be regenerated.  The aim is to secure the unique biodiversity of this area and the habitat of the native Batim Sembilan tribe. The project of the Swiss Bird Protection SVS contributes CHF 350,000. Our foundation finances 20 rangers from the local population. Their task include preventing illegal logging, forest fires (and fighting them) and the task of informing the local tribes in and around the reserve about the protection of the forest. For this purpose an off-road vehicle is financed, as well as a radio receiver and the hiring of rangers. In addition to this module financed by us, many other protective measures, such as professional forest management, development of sustainable eco-tourism or monitoring and maintenance measures are planned.