The tropical forest - The lungs of the earth

The Foundation «Art for tropical forest» was founded by the gallery owner and museum founder ( Ernst Beyeler in 2002 to protect the tropical forest. With the help of art, it is to generate financial means for the targeted, project-related support of experienced environmental protection organizations. The selected projects protect the tropical forest primarily through forest management, the founding of national parks and the defense of the natural living and working conditions of the local population.

The tropical forest covers about 10% of the total land surface of the earth. It encloses equatorial areas in South America, Africa and Asia. These are the most species-rich habitats in the world. Humans have shaped and shaped the tropical forests for millennia. But if the indigenous people still used the forest in a sustainable way, the man of the industrialized age pursued the systematic exploitation of the tropical forests. That's how we destroy our livelihood.

As a result, large parts (more than 4.5 million km2 in total) were cut down and delivered to devastation. This has an impact on the global climate, especially on oxygen regeneration. Today it is the task of all mankind to save the remnants of the tropical forests and to ensure the survival of the flora and fauna as well as the indigenous people and the local population.